Wigs with Ships in Rococo

Ridiculous fashion series

As we know the fashion of Marie Antoinette was ornate, decorative and absurd too. This period also brought remarkable hairstyle. Normally I would say that the wigs were decorated with flowers and ribbons. However the wig decoration went further. For example … bird cages and ships were used.

The wig has been already known in Egypt, Persia or Assyria. The greatest popularity has achieved in 17th century during the reign of Louis XIV.

The wigs were powdered to get white color. However, there were not just the white wigs. Favorite colors were also pink and blue-ish grey.

Do you know why the ships were used to decorate the wigs? … If not, I will tell you … A French frigate won over an British one in 1778 and this hairstyle commemorated the victory. This hairstyle was named “À la Belle Poule” after the winning ship Belle Poule.

The battle as painted by August-Louis de Rossel de Cercy. Belle Poule is on the right.

Nowadays, there are many designers inspired by history. Their creations are also stunning.

… a paper is also good material to make a wig :-)) … The fantasy is not bounded.

Would you put a ship on your head? Or do you prefer to sail on it?

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